Our pricing options allow flexibility for organizations of all sizes. Most prefer our experienced staff (we've run over 3425 elections!) to act an independent third party to administer their election and make sure that everything goes smoothly. We take care of all the details.

Full Service Packages. We do the work, you take the credit for a smooth election...
No time? Don't want the hassle or responsibility to get everything working for your election and then trouble-shooting for your members? Here are our full service packages. You just email us your ballot info and membership lists and we do the rest. We will maximize your voter turn out, save you money, and you take the credit. Choose the options below that best fit your needs. At the bottom of the page, you can request a specific price estimate for each package based on your membership or group.

For all of the packages below, we set up and test your ballot, link your candidate profiles, and send out email notification and voter access codes to your members.

Pro Bronze
We send an email voter notification to all of your members. They click a link in their email, their custom ballot loads in their web browser, and they vote - easy! In addition, midway through the election period, we also send an email reminder to only those members who have not voted yet - this email will include their same individual access code. In our experience, this will result in a 25-40% increase in voter participation.

Pro Silver
Do you have members for whom you do not have a valid email address? Along with an initial email to the majority of your members, we print and mail first class voter access post cards or full paper ballots to your "non-email" members, as well as those members whose email notification bounces because of an invalid address or "mailbox full" problem, so everyone is notified. As above, we also send an email reminder to non-voters midway through the election.

Pro Gold
Increase voter turn out and make sure everyone has a chance to vote - we send BOTH an email and a postcard or ballot to ALL your members. Each voter receives the same access code via both mechanisms, so they still can only vote once. In addition, two email reminders are sent to non-voters - once midway through the election and again with a few days to go before the end of the voting period to give extra motivation to those procrastinators. You should see a significant increase in participation after each reminder.

Pro Platinum
Maximize voter participation. We send out both emails and cards/ballots to all members. A second reminder post card goes out midway through the election. A total of THREE email reminders are sent to all that have not voted yet, typically one reminder each week during the election period.

Pro Custom
Tell us what combination of services you want, and we will design a package specific for your needs.

Vote-Now Advantages:
* 3425+ elections served (over 1 million voters) and 26+ years of web-based election experience that makes a difference!
* Secure server encryption of ballot submissions and results - providing privacy over the internet.
* Options include toll-free telephone (touchtone) voting, weighted voting, proxy voting, checkbox and choice (ranked) voting.
* Ballot link emails sent through certified email system with 98%+ deliverability.
* Custom ballot graphics to match your organizational logo/design
* Full election administration by our staff, providing an independant 3rd party to conduct the election and certify the results.
* Optional postcard or paper ballot voting notification to voters handled by our staff. Business Reply Mail (BRM) postage paid return envelopes.

Also included:

* Redundant data storage for all election results.
* No server, mobile app, special software, or computer specialist resources required at your site.
* Email, voice mail, and web based technical support.

If you would like a price estimate based on your specific needs, please enter the following information for your membership or group:

1. the total number of members who are eligible voters in your group ?

2. the total number of members for whom you have valid email addresses?

3. You'd like us to send ballot info to your members with:
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 Number of pages in your normal paper ballot mailing (often includes: cover letter, ballot, biographical material, etc.):
Return envelope for your voters to mail the ballot back? none | pre-addressed, no postage | pre-addressed, include postage

4. Would you like to offer your voters the choice of voting by telephone (operator voice assisted and touch tone) along with online?
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5. What is your primary reason for considering Vote-now?
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Our Vote-Now privacy policy:
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise share e-mail addresses or any other personal information.

Questions about pricing? Please let us know. These services are current as of July 2024, but are subject to change, so please request a quote for your group's specific needs.

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