"New: This was an easy way to vote. You have a really good computer guru. "

"New: This is an extremely well functioning & logical interface for casting ballots. Nice choice in design ! "

"New: Whoever made up this survey form deserves a medal. I spend half my waking hours trying to decipher professional web sites submitting reports, evaluating publications, etc., going around and around trying to make them work. This one is extraordinarily easy and enjoyable. The ability to shift from one task to another without having to struggle back through all the intermediate steps is so welcome! -- 4059 "

"New: Very nice and simple way to vote. Who ever did this website did a nice job....."

"New: Excellent on-line voting process. I can see the duties of each position, the names, faces and qualifications of each candidate and make a well-informed decision. Great job!"

"New: The direct link to validation (no need for usernames and passwords) was very effective at soliciting my vote. "

"New: This is an excellent ballot. I like the simplicity and the user-friendliness of the page."

"New: Love the e-ballot. Why didn't you do this sooner? "

"New: Easy, accessible, secure and private What's not to love about this universally inclusive system? "

"New: The on line format is working very well. The link in the email made things super easy. The bio's were easy to read and having the photos match the names made things nice- - KUDOS to the person and/or group that helped organize everything and make this so streamlined and easy! ! ! ! "

"New: Brilliant new and SIMPLE way to vote. Couldn't be easier. Bravo. This association does phenomenal work. It is the best run HOA I've been in... and I've been in a few. Thanks! "

"New: Appreciated being able to look at biographies and statements on the same screen as the ballot choices. Easiest on-line ballot I seen yet. Still hard choices between good people. "

"New: I was pleased that I had no trouble completing the on line ballot since I am not the most computer savvy person in the world, but I definitely prefer to do it by phone. "

"New: Nice format for online voting. clean and simple."

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